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How to show sub totals for multiple tables on crystal report?

Mar 06 at 03:16 PM


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I am using crystal reports with visual studio (C#) and I want to achieve following output using crystal reports:

As shown above, I want to show employee sales total for each city by grouping the sales department wise and then the employee sales total for the city itself (i.e. the sum of all department employee sales). Finally, I want to show the grand total as the sum of employee sales for all the cities on the footer of the report.

Can you please suggest any solution to achieve above mentioned output?

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Abhilash Kumar
Mar 06 at 03:54 PM

Hi Saurabh,

Here's what you need to do:

1. Insert a Group on the City field.

2. Insert a second group on the Emp field

3. Insert a third group on the Dept Field.

4. Insert a Summary on the Sales field and place it on Group Footer 3

5. Move the Emp Name and Dept fields to Group Footer 3.

6. Suppress Group header2, Group Footer 2 and Details section

7. Insert a Crosstab and place it on Group Footer 1

8. Use the Dept Field as the "Row" of the Crosstab.

9. Use the Sales Field as the "Summarized Field".

10. Go to the Customize Style tab > Highlight the "Grand Total" field under "Rows" > Uncheck "Column Totals on Top"

11. Click the Format Grid Line button > Uncheck "Show Grid Lines"

12. Highlight the "Total" text above Summary field > Format Text > Check "Suppress"

13. If you want a separator line for the Totals, you can enable "top" border for Total Row and its Summary. Right-click the cell > Format text > Border tab.

14. For the Grand Total on the Report Footer, just insert a summary using the Sales Field and place it on Report Footer.


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Thanks Abhilash for your help..!!