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Certification in SAP

Mar 03 at 06:02 PM


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Hi Everyone,

I am Anurag, I have done a work in SAP BI/BW (7.3) for 2 years and SAP HANA (1.0) for 2 years. Due to some problem I left the job in July 2015..After 6 Months I am trying to get job in SAP again,but till now i am searching.Now I am planning to do a certification and then try again to go back in SAP.

Can you please suggest me after done the certification,Is there hope to get job? If yes,how much percentage the hope is? And please suggest me SAP certification Institute/Company name in Delhi If anybody knows..

Thanks & Regards


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G Lakshmipathi
Mar 05 at 09:45 AM
please suggest me after done the certification,Is there hope to get job

For information, certification alone will not guarantee you a job. You said you left the job in 2015 and till now searching. Does it mean, all these 2+ years, you were not able to get any suitable jobs ?? Not clear with your post.

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Actually Sir the thing is that I left the job in July 2015 due to measure accident of mine ,It will taken time of 8 months..From March 2016 I started searching again,but from July 2015 to February 2016 there was a long gap of 8 Months.In between the new version came in SAP HANA that is 2.0 and SAP BW 7.4/5 and I had done a work on version 1.0 and 7.3..Most of the technical round I cracked,but at last they asked me one question that is you have a gap of 6-8 months and you haven't worked on new version so how could you manage yourself,I give them a answer that I already worked on my module and I know the scenario how it is working and what the changes in newer version that is not very tough to understand ( I hope I say you the right thing Lakshmipathi Sir),Most of the company asking me this question and lastly I am not selected.

I don't want to think that there have no options for me in SAP field from where I started my career ..So in this situation I am little bit confused , what I can do to start my career again in SAP...So I am thinking to take a suggestion from experienced persons Like you sir and more who show me the right direction.

So please help me out in this.

Most of the technical round I cracked

Keep trying with full confidence. One day, definitely, you will get a suitable offer.


I am also hoping the same sir,but now there have no hopes because from this hope i lost my 2 years...

But thanks for you advice sir..