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how could i find new badi ?

Mar 03 at 10:41 AM


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ME_CHANGE_OUTTAB_CUS : is a new badi that triggered when i execute me55 , me5a and me28 alv report .

but i couldn't find this badi using cl_exithandler or using 'call badi' key word in those t-codes programs

the question is : which is the most suitable way to find a new badi like this one ?

thanks in advance .

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4 Answers

Sandra Rossi Mar 03 at 04:36 PM

You "couldn't find", but how did you search?

CL_EXITHANDLER was the class for instantiating "old" BAdIs.

GET BADI is for instantiating "new" BAdIs (CALL BADI being for calling a method after the instantiation).

But if the logic of the program doesn't need to call the BAdI, then it won't need to instantiate the BAdI.

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Most of the BADI has to trigger in cl_exithandler , but some are not . Im not sure how to find it . If you need more information please read BC425 new version .



Nawanandana Edirisinghe

hmm GET BADI maybe... Did I say it already...

Raymond Giuseppi
Mar 05 at 07:12 AM

You could perform a where-used search on the BAdI ME_CHANGE_OUTTAB_CUS (EnhS ES_BADI_ME_REPORTING) interface methods. You should find a FM which is called in many includes.

NB: This BAdI is only available if Business Function Set LOG_MMFI_P2P 'BF MM, Integration of Materials Management and Financial Accounting' was activated with SFW5.

Extract of the FM source (you should have find it?)

  data: l_instance  type ref to if_ex_me_change_outtab,
        l_badi_cust type ref to me_change_outtab_cus.
* call the customer specific BAdI
  get badi l_badi_cust.
      call badi l_badi_cust->fill_outtab
          im_struct_name = im_struct_name
          im_id          = im_id
          im_handle      = im_handle
          im_loggroup    = im_loggroup
          ch_outtab      = ch_outtab.
    catch cx_badi_not_implemented.

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Jelena Perfiljeva
Mar 05 at 07:50 PM

"New BADIs" seem to be placed in the enhancement spots. Google -> "how to find enhancement spot BADI" -> one of the top posts (from 2008).

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Nawanandana Edirisinghe Mar 03 at 04:46 PM


You can try using package ,

get the package for relevant Tcode

Go to SE84, expand enhancements, expand Business Add-ins and select definition.

Provide package name and execute, you will find list of BADI`s.



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Former Member

thanks Nawanandana Edirisinghe for your reply but i think this way just list all new badi , is there any way to know where does new badi trigger ? ... a way that similar to cl_exithandler way