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Jul 28, 2008 at 12:04 PM

Dynamic formating in smartforms


I'm just curious if there is a possible to create a dynamic formatting in Smartforms. What I mean saying dynamic? Lets imaging that I've a strucure where I've following information;



This structure is used to build a table, where I can assign one or more text to one line.

So my example data in this table will be:


1 | my first item

1 | first item description

1 | some other text

2 | second item

2 | second item extended name

2 | second item additional text

2 | second item summary text

and so one...

So I can have varying texts number assigned into one line (max 8).

Now I want to use paragraph, with 8 prepared tabs.

Now the problem comes, how to pass this texts into tableline inside smartform and do not prepare separate lines for 1,2,3... elements?

Any idea? It is possible to prepare data in variable which looks like:

1,,my first item,,first item description,,some other text

and display this data in such way, that commas will be recognized as tabs formatting in paragraph instead displaying them?