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The results of surveys after release 1802 can be export to PDF from html5?

Mar 02 at 06:18 PM


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Hi I have a Question about surveys, my problem is that i can´t export the results to PDF from HTML5, but it works when i do it from app in my device IOS it , i d´nt know if it is a mistake or a change.

I appreciate any help.

Best Regards !


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Hello Frederick,

I hope this message finds you well.

As per our SAP Help Portal - Survey - Functions & Features

you can find on Survey Reporting that the user is able to export survey results to Excel format detailing all survey responses for filtering/advanced reporting purposes.

However, the user will be able to generate PDF summary for responses in a survey that are set to Completed.

I also confirm this behavior in our RUI Internal Test System of the latest release 1802 and I could confirm that for Active Surveys the report is generated just in .cvs file.

You can also check the KBA 2386911 - Generate Ticket Summary for Product Survey does not work ( - Resolution session where we can find that

"Survey pdf Summary is currently supported only for "Checklist" kind of survey irrespective of consumer (ticket or visit or opportunities)."

I hope this information can help you.

Thank you very much for you contact on Forum Questions.

Victor thank you!
I think that if necessary I have to develop this function, to export all the results of the survey to PDF?.
This information clarifies my doubt, great day. Regards !!
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Fabio Damasceno
Mar 05 at 06:25 PM

Hello there Frederick,

I hope this Monday is going well for you there at Mexico.
I opened here one of our surveys, in HTML5, in a Internal Test System of the latest release (1802). As you can see below, in the view "Results" there is an 'Export' button available, that triggers the download of a sheet with the results.

This button can be hidden by Page Layout. Check if the key user is able to see this button - in that case, you might be restricted to do it by page layout/business role.

Have a nice week start there, bye!

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Hi Fabio.

I appreciate your help, and I hope that your week goes great, I´m very well tank´s.

I comment that the buttom is available, also I validate in the UI environment and these allows download the results in format PDF

in the HTML5 environment I can´t download the results in PDF format, only can be download in excel as show in the next picture:

I remember that in HTML5 could also be downloaded in format PDF.

I appreciate the guidance that you can give me.

Have a nice day Fabio, Regards !!