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Disable Print Button in Purchase Order

Mar 05 at 12:59 AM


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Hello to all , i need to disable the print button until the PO is not release , i read about it and says that i shuold use SHD0 but it seems to me that there is no way to put a condition for thar disable , can somebody help me , thanks.,

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2 Answers

Jürgen L
Mar 05 at 05:33 AM

SAP Does not print anything if it is not released, no matter the button is present of not. If it prints in your case then better check the print program as there is something wrong

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Alan Indomenico Mar 05 at 04:46 PM

Thanks for reply but in this casi the client set up , as i told you , release o not it can be print , now i have an idea , if i create my shd0 , can i activate o deactive the shd0 as i please ? , my idea is to use a badi in method open and then ask if the po is release or not , if not aply the shd0 else continue

, can be done ?

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Why don't you correct your faulty program?

this would make more senste too me than building a workaround to keep the faulty program


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I agree with Juergen, this is standard functionality and it works fine for thousands of SAP customers without any need to disable a button. "The client" is wasting their time IMHO and your plan with "SHD0 on the flight" is simply not feasible.

You'd have to either replace standard transaction with a Z one or modify SAP standard to achieve this. All of these options have disadvantages that far outweigh any advantages of disabling the button.