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Can't connect to SAP HANA instance from browser

Mar 04 at 11:53 AM


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I have an active instance in SAP Cloud Appliance Library with Amazon Web Services as Cloud provider, and I have already followed the steps described under '' without any problem. Nevertheless, when I try to connect to my instance from the browser using the external IP address assigned to my active instance, the connection times out and the instance is never reached.

All the VM for the services are running ok. I can also connect to my machine assigned using SSH and was able to check that HANA was running correctly using the command 'HDB info' in my Terminal.

So, even though everything seems to be running properly (VM machines with services) I can't access them.

Can anybody help me out with any idea about what's what I'm doing wrong, or if there is any step I'm missing?

Thanks in advance!

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Lucia Subatin
Mar 06 at 07:50 PM

What is the "web interface" you are trying to reach? Which port are you using?

Can you telnet that port?

If you can't, have you chosen the right option for the IP as shown in step 2 here: ?

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Hi Lucia,

First of all, thanks for your answer.

I made some progress and now I have my XSE Engine up and running. Nevertheless, I'm trying to access to 'IDE for XSA Development' entering my IP + port 53075 in the browser (same way I used to verify that XSE was running), but I can't reach that service this way...captura-de-pantalla-2018-03-07-a-las-135953.png

Is it required an additional step to access this service?

Thanks in advance!


Please follow the steps in the tutorial I linked to from step 3 onwards and you'll be on the right track. The tutorial you were following skips some setup steps unless you are trying to setup the developer edition, which does not include XS Advanced applications and is some versions old (SPS12).

You need to map the hostname first (explained in the tutorial). IP + 53075 should give you a different result: a login and then an error instead of the Web IDE.

The XS Engine (from XS classic) will run with IP and port but you can't do much from there and this also does not mean the XS Advanced applications are running.

I'll add a note to that other tutorial you followed as it does not fully apply to these HXE instances right away so nobody falls into the same trap. Thanks for the catch.


Thanks a lot!! I could access to some services now (for example, to the XSA Advance Administration), but I still can't access SAP Web IDE (using ip + 53075): now I get a message saying 'forbidden' (captura-de-pantalla-2018-03-07-a-las-212015.pngcaptura-de-pantalla-2018-03-07-a-las-212015.png).

Is it because I was logged to the vmachine from my Terminal with the user 'xsa_admin'?

Thanks again!


Forbidden generally happens when you use tabs in the same browser. I generally use "normal" chrome windows for XSA_ADMIN and incognito mode for Web IDE with XSA_DEV

rama anne Mar 05 at 01:45 AM

On AWS did u check firewall rules (PORTS ) open for connections from the AWS console

ALSO do a quick TELNET IP ADDRESS PORT test from your windows command prompt to make sure TELNET can connect

make sure you are using correct Port No


rama anne

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Thanks for your answer, but I checked the settings of my Security Group through the AWS console and both inbound and outbound port range is set as 'All', so I guess this is not the problem...

It has to be something related to this security settings, but I still can't find it..


Aleksandar Raychev
Mar 05 at 07:33 AM

Hello, please navigate also to the solution documentation inside the solution instance details for the additional configurations that have to be made in order to setup the hosts file and others.

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