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F.13 Does Not Clear GR/IR Items with Group Balance Zero

Mar 04 at 03:57 AM


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Hi Expert,

I already searched note and community and try note 1697659, but GR/IT items still did not get cleared. We are running S4/HANA.

OB74 configuration as bellow, 2202970000 is the GR/IR account.

2202970000 FS00 sort key 014

Run F.13 without tick "GR/IR account special process", items with group balance zero not cleared, see below test run result:

If I tick "GR/IR account special process" same result.

Thanks for any help, we don't want manually clear huge GR/IR items.

Zuoyin Xu

ob74.png (13.8 kB)
fs00.png (43.9 kB)
f13-test-run.png (32.7 kB)
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Hi Zuoyin Xu,

What is the error ? From the screenshots they should clear.

Sort Key is to fill Assignment field in document position with a value, just that.

Have you configured P/L Exchange accounts for clearing process ?

Kind Regards


Hi Gustavo Vazquez,

Thanks for reply. There's no error message, and the background job finished successfully. Actually some items were cleared, but most were not.

Have you configured P/L Exchange accounts for clearing process ?

Do you mean OBA1, KDF transaction maintenance for this GR/IR clearing account? If it is, then it's been maintained. see attached.


Best Regards

Zuoyin Xu


choose a couple of open line items and compensate with F-03.

Could it be something related to tolerances ?


I remember i can manually clear GR/IR items with F-03. I'll double check and post the result. thanks.

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