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NetWeaver ABAP Developer edition - Cannot deploy to Azure

I was trying to set up a new ABAP system, but cannot deploy any Cloud Appliance Library (CAL) instances to Azure.

I have both Azure and Amazon AWS accounts, both registered with CAL. I was able to deploy instances to both in the past, and still have a working 7.50 instance on Azure that I can control from CAL.

My Azure account shows as active and I can configure it, but when I want to create any instance, I only see AWS in the account drop down. Is this an issue with CAL, or Azure, or my accounts, because it worked in the past?

I also asked this as a comment in the blog SAP AS ABAP 750 SP01 Developer Edition on SAP Cloud Appliance Library, but no response so am asking agin.

I have in the meantime verified that all my account settings are valid, have used the "Test Connection" feature under account management (response: "The connection with your subscription in Microsoft Azure is valid."), and as I said I have an Azure instance that I can manage.

When I check the CAL access in Azure, I can see the management certificate, valid until 23/04/2033, so everything looks right either end.

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4 Answers

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    Mar 06, 2018 at 11:47 PM


    Azure Classic is not supported anymore, you have to create an AzureRM account if you want to spin up a solution instance.

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    • Hi Aleksandar,

      Thanks, that got it working!

      There are a couple of issues / suggestions with this setup:

      1. There is no information anywhere about this, neither messages or mentioned in the documentation.

      2. The 'Account' is a CAL thing, I simply created a new "CAL Account" pointing to the same Azure subscription/account to get it to work.

      3. Both classic and RM are deployed into resource groups created by CAL. So now I have resource groups for classic and RM instances all created by CAL living happily side by side in my Azure account (see pic below).

      Therefore the restriction seems quite arbitrary and seems more like a bug to me? Maybe that's why there are no messages or documentation on it?

      Nevertheless, it's working fine now. Thanks again for your help,


      capture.jpg (32.7 kB)
  • Mar 03, 2018 at 12:50 PM

    Hello, could you send the link to the solution? Is it available in MS Azure as a provider in general?

    When you list all the Golden solutions, you can check in the column "Available In" in which provider the solutions exist

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  • Mar 03, 2018 at 04:26 PM
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    • Hi Aleksandar,

      Thanks for looking into this. I tried to send my account details via direct message, but this platform won't let me message someone that hasn't contacted me or follows me. If you have insider access and can send me a message I can reply with my account ID.

      I already added screenshots in the comments. Azure is simply not available for anything new.

      When I activate a solution I get no selection or popup, just a hover-up message that says it has been activated in Azure:

      Both accounts are active, I've done this a few times before and have a successful NetWeaver developer instance running on Azure so have no idea what I might be doing wrong:



      capture.jpg (29.0 kB)
      capture-2.jpg (16.9 kB)
  • Mar 06, 2018 at 05:37 PM

    Hello, could you go to the Solutions tab > Then find the additional Icon and Click Manage Accounts.

    Please, see the screenshots:

    Then from the field for accounts you need to find your Azure account.

    and select it...

    Let me know if you still have troubles.



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    2.png (3.8 kB)
    3.png (16.5 kB)
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