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multiple indexes, multiple discounts in invoice/offer, discounts based on total amount


I'm quite new to SAP Business One. I'll try to explain my problem as clearly and with as much details as possible (even if I know it's going to be quite messy)

In the system I'm trying to implement, each item has a defined "family of items" and each family has a multiplying coefficient applied to the "base price" of the item (an index if you prefer). For example item ZZZ with a base price of X€ is in family A, family A has a coeff of 1,25, so the price of the item will be 1,25*X€. The index is changed every year. I can't seem to find where to introduce those indexes and how to link them to the "family of item"

I need to be able to enter multiple discounts in an invoice, but what bugs me is that most of the discounts are based on the total amount (without Tax) of the invoice and not a particular item (for example the customer gets 1% off if the invoice total is between 5000€ and 20 000€). I also need to be able to add multiplying coefficients to the total amount, for example if the workers will need to work in a dangerous place (enclosed, chimical factory,…).

Here are more details on the maths that are going on in the invoice (or offer):
I've an invoice (or an offer) with many items, not all of the same item family. I've a total amount (before taxes) of let's say 19.970,56€ (this amount is the indexed price of all the items on the invoice/offer)
The amount of the invoice gives the customer a discount of 1%, but there is also a majoration of the costs (installing and closing a working site) of 7% (also depends on the total amount of the invoice).
So we have: 19.970,56*7%=1397,94€
and 19970,56*(-1%)=-199,71€.
1397,94-199,71=1198,23€ that you need to add to the tax-free amount.
Your amount before tax is now 21.168,79€.
Now you need to consider a coefficient because your working in an enclosed place. The coefficient for that kind of work is 1,3 (basically you add 30% of the total-no tax- amount to get a new total-no tax-amount).
Your total amount before tax is now 21.168,79 + 6.350,64= 27.519,43€

Those 27.519,43€ is the amount you'll apply the taxes to. To that, a Business Partner can have a BP Discount.

Sorry it was long and messy, but in the end my questions are:
-how should I do that? For the family of items I was thinking about using groups, but I can't seem to find an option to put a different index value for each group(and I'm afraid that indexes are only used for the accouting part anyway, not marketing docs)

-how to implement the multiplying coefficients related to work condition (enclosed environement, chimical factory, working at night time,…)? I first thought of price lists but I'm not sure how to use that because you can have more than one condition, for example a work can be done in an enclosed environment in a factory that uses harsh chemicals and I don't think you can use multiple price lists)

-I need to be able to apply discounts based on the total-untaxed-amount of the invoice/offer, but volume discounts are based on items. Should I do a user defined field?

-If I use discounts for some Business Partner, can't that interfeer with other discounts I need?

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    Oct 28, 2016 at 06:42 AM

    Dear Kim,

    Transaction notification is the best place where you can write this logic and stop the document from posting. By flashing an informative message you can prompt the users to enter correct discount.



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