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Finished Goods Multilevel BOM Explosion in PP-PS

Mar 02 at 04:14 PM


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Hi Gurus,

I have a case in PP-PS integration , and I am searching for advice how to deal with such situation.

In fact, I have one Finished Good A with BOM. The BOM contains components B & C and Assembly D. Finally Assembly D contains components E & F.

I created two WBS elements with network and activities. WBS 1 contains in its activities FG A and components B & C. WBS 2 contains Assembly D and components E & F.

Now I run MRP and I get double planned orders for Assembly D ( One coming from WBS 2 and the second coming from explosion of FG A so it's Under WBS 1). Accordingly I have double requirement for assembly components.

My questions is how to avoid the requirements coming from BOM explosion ( I want to keep management of assembly Under WBS 2 and management of FG A Under WBS 1).

Your help will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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1 Answer

Ken Melching
Mar 02 at 05:44 PM

On the BOM for A make the item D not production relevant. Uncheck the box for Production. When A is exploded in MRP it will not create a demand for D.

You will have to manually issue D to the PP order for A if you want to avoid variances.

Also, look at creating a WBS BOM for A to avoid messing with the Production BOM.

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You cannot post a goods issue of a component assigned to WBS1 if it is assigned to WBS2.




I did forget a step. You have to transfer D from WBS2 to WBS1 prior to Goods Issue to the PP order.

It will be an unplanned Goods Issue, or you could add D to the PP order and then pick it.

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Hello Ken,

Thank you for your quick reply,

I will check the recommendations and get back to you if any issue.

Have a nice day.