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Jul 27, 2008 at 06:43 AM

How to post actual Activities consumed along with the components in MFBF


Hi Can any one guide me on this please:

1. I have 4 Raw material components defined in BOM

2. and 3 Avtivity types (ELectricity, Steam, FGas) assigned in Workcenter

REM Profile being used is '0002'

during Backflushing 'MFBF' with the option 'Assembly Backflush"

1. We can post the Material consumed by clicking 'Post with correction' - where we can enter actual quantities.

2. But my concern is from where we can post the Actual Activities consumed (because ther might be a difference in the standard values defined in the rate routing and actual one)

Or do i need to use the option 'Activity Backflush' seperately for posting Activities. do we have to do this after posting the 'Assembly Backflush'

If we are doing this (Assembly Backflush and Activity Backflush) don't the quantity of the main material will be backflushed twice (once during Assembly Backflush and other during Activity Backflush)

Please assist em on this thanks and regards