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Time Difference between 2 formula's

Mar 01 at 08:55 PM


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In our database the value for a time displays as a number. So, for the time of 12:47am it displays as 2820 in the database. I converted this value to a number so I could display the Arrival time. (First formula I created is: @Num (if NumericText ({ip_flwsht_meas.meas_value}) then ToNumber ({ip_flwsht_meas.meas_value}) The Second formula I created is: time(dateadd("s",{@Num},currentdate)). This displays the time of 12:47am. I did the same thing for an additional value to get the End Time. So I have an Arrival Time and an End Time. I want the difference between these 2 times in minutes ???? How would I write that formula using these 2 formulas ? Thanks in advance.

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1 Answer

Brian Dong Mar 01 at 10:27 PM

Hi Curt,

You can create a formula like:

{@EndTime} - {@StartTime};  

This will return the number of seconds which you can convert to minutes.

Good luck,


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