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[BUG]Vote counts as 2 on an answer

Thought it was just some odd glitch but this happened several times already today and yesterday. So it must be a conspiracy. :)

It looks like somehow my vote (either up or down) counts as 2. It doesn't seem to happen consistently though and I don't see any special pattern. It starts with an answer that has 0 votes. I click on upvote once and the counter goes to 2. I click on it again and it goes to 0. At first I thought someone was just voting at the same time. But after reloading the page I got the same result - one click, two votes.

Don't have a video for full proof but here is a screenshot of the same answer after up- and down-voting.

scn-vote.jpg (26.9 kB)
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  • A vote from Jelena carries the weight of two:)

    I tried to replicate but each vote only counted for an increase of one. Do you still know what question you were on and which browser? Can you share the link (DM if you prefer) and I will check the logs and also see what the karma impact was in your context. Thank you.

  • Sent you the link. That was my first impression too that somehow I got a VIP status and now my vote is twice as valuable. :) But alas, it doesn't happen consistently.

  • Update. It happened again today in the following scenario:

    - opened SD tag Q&A list in one tab, opened several questions in new tabs (including this one);
    - didn't notice that I was not logged in;
    - clicked on "upvote" button, nothing happened (IMHO the buttons should be hidden if not logged in or there should be a message);
    - clicked on the "dummy" avatar on top to login,
    - got logged in, clicked again on upvote - got 2;
    - clicked on downvote and it went to 0;
    - staying on the same tab, consistently got +2 / - 2.

    I'm guessing it somehow registered +1 when I was not logged in.

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2 Answers

  • Mar 02, 2018 at 04:51 PM

    I checked the logs and will forward to IT for further investigation. Your original like event was followed in about 10 minutes by a cancel-like (I'll send you the full breakdown).

    Do you remember, was that delay while you were taking the screen shot to prepare this post, or do you think this strange count behavior could this be an instance where the like wasn't reflected in the UI even though it was logged and the total got confused in the process? Mynyna Chau Moshe Naveh I will email you the details so you can follow-up with IT.

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  • Apr 24, 2018 at 02:29 PM

    This issue seems to persist. I've been going around SCN for days dolling out double upvotes like a Fairy Godmother. There is no special pattern, from what I see. Just this morning, I simply opened the SD question list (using a browser bookmark), then opened the first question, upvoted the only answer and it went from 0 to 2.

    When I clicked on the upvote button again (which is suppose to remove the upvote, I think), the counter went down to 1. Then I clicked on downvote button and the counter went to 0. Upvote takes it back to 2. I'm tripping here...

    scn.jpg (13.5 kB)
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