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QM Inspection plan with multiple sampling procedures schemes and AQL

Mar 01 at 07:47 PM


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Good day,

It will be greatly appreciated if someone can explain the following - thank you.


I have a sampling scheme "A" which has AQL levels reduced, normal and tightened. Each level has 3 AQL's.

Now when I create my Sampling Procedure, I specify the scheme and AQL level, which means I must create 9 sampling procedures (for each level and AQL).

I have also created a DMR and assigned each Sampling Procedure against the DMR.

Now I create the Inspection plan, assign te DMR but which Sampling procedure must I select? (there is 9 - all applicable)

Thank you,


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2 Answers

Martin Hinderer Mar 05 at 08:07 AM

One comment on the start: you are writing that your sampling scheme A has the "AQL levels reduced, normal and tightened". I assume that you are talking about severity, right? Because when using DMR you only change the severity, not the AQL.

Having this in mind: as far as I remember you should assign the sampling procedure with the AQL you will use and with the severity which you want to start. From that time on the DMR takes over based on the current quality level.

I also think that you do just need one sampling procedure, if you use DMR, as the "rest" of the information is located within your sampling scheme.

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Good day Martin,

Thank for the feedback, much appreciated.

Yes correct, I was talking about the severity normal, tightened and reduced.

And I fully understand your explanation above and with that in mind, I take it that the business will have to define per material what AQL level is applicable and I will then assign the applicable Sampling procedure (which has the AQL linked) in the inspection plan?

Yes. That would be the "Basic" thing. And if you want to go further then the DMR comes into the game, which basically then describes under which conditions you want to Switch between normal, tightened and reduced (and skips, if that is important as well).

Just check some of the older threads on that topic, and if there are still open questions we are glad to help.

Linda Allison Mar 23 at 11:02 AM

Martin thank you very much for your feedback

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