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Former Member
Jul 26, 2008 at 04:38 PM

Change Notices for PO (Message Output)


Hi all,

I have set up the message determination to trigger change notices for PO (with msg type NECH). When I change the PO, I can see the Change Notice (Print Preview) in ME9F, before processing it. However, I cannot see it after it's processed I get the msg "No print-relevant changes in PO 45#######". But the field that was changed (ex qty) was setup as revelant for change notices.

What if the users want to see the Change Notice that was processed later (after the msg was procssed)?

Also in ME23N when I hit the "Print Preview" button, I see two msg typ options NEU(shows with changes - ex, the changed qty) and NECH. For NECH, the system doesn't show any print preview, when I hit the print preview button, there's no popup-message, the dialog box just dissapears.

Any idea why?

Thanks in advance