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PO Rejection Note to PO creator

Mar 01 at 12:17 PM


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We have requirement , Whenever PO approver reject the PO, the PO Workflow Email Notification send to PO Creator, we have configured this it's working fine now.

Now User asking , When Approver Clicked on "Reject" button in ME29N screen, That should give popup where approver can enter his/her rejection reason and save, ( after save this Mail should to go to PO creator with note)

That Rejection reason information send to PO creator, How to save this Note and how to send to PO creator through PO Workflow.


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2 Answers

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Jürgen L
Mar 01 at 12:22 PM

There are no (annoying) pop-ups in Purchase Order processing. You can provide a long text for approver notes and the approver can edit the PO to maintain this info before he rejects the release.

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Requirement: If Approver want to reject the Purchase Order, then he/she should write reason why rejected the PO , then Written comment should send to PO creator through PO Workflow

, We have workflow where PO rejected by Approver, and PO creator getting email notification that "PO XXXXXXXXXX Rejected "

Now we require Approvers comment, either he may write 1 sentence or 2 sentence


are you assuming that I had not understood this requirement?

I told you that purchase orders have no pop-ups, that is a fact. Repeating the requirement does not change this fact. If you want it then you have to program it yourself. But even then you still have the problem that you do not know where to store the pop-up entry.

And if you look at the already present future with Fiori approval apps then you see that they have a approval note and that SAP stores it in the purchase order header text.

Why doing it then in a different way in the last few months until the future has even reached you.

Rosh A Mar 01 at 12:59 PM

Please try the link below and probably this is a enhancement. Modifying business object by adding method is required.

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