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What is SOD conflicts in GRC?

Mar 01 at 10:32 AM


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Gustavo Soares Mar 02 at 01:45 AM

Hi Nagaraju,

In Summary, SOD stands for Segregation of Duties. Therefore, an SOD Risk (or conflict) is a chance that someone has access to the system without proper segregation, i.e. too much access. That could potentially allow the user to execute some actions that would result in fraud, for example.

Here is a good start:

And here on how to use GRC AC to address it:


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I am new for sap security and grc please helpout these question.

1.I have 10 derived roles in 10 derived roles we need to add authorization object how?

2.How to add company code 200 in 100 roles at a time in sap security?

3.when you execute a transaction codes what are all steps to be performed in background?

4.I have a composite role, but I need to do Risk analysis firt single rol or composite role can i do risk analysis?

5.what is the technical difference between master and derived role? why we use derived role in sap security? User has facing problem? but in SU53 is showing green.How you help to User? In STO1 also showing everthing fine,USER has got RC=0 but still USER has facing problem. what is the reason? what is the solution for this?

6. While transporting what will be the impact production system user assignment check? What transaction code we use for table join? Why we generate RULE SET in grc?


Hi Raju,

If my reply answered your original question, then please click on Accept. If not, but it was helpful, please click on the UP sign on the left of my answer.

As for the additional questions, please create a new post to keep the forum more organized and help other people find similar answers in the future. Try to group related questions in each post, so the experts in each area will be happy to help you (me included).

Note: your question #6 has 3 distinct questions and one of those is not at all related to GRC: "tcode for table join". A Google search will quickly give you the answer for that one.