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Lumira Discovery 2.0 Error Refresh Excel Datasource

Hello community,

we are testing Lumira 2.0 Discovery with our Business Units. We are using Bex Queries and Exce files as datasource. Our Approach is, to save the Lumira Document on the BI Plattform, to share with other users. Now we found, that there is a problem with refreshing of documents, where Excel files are used as datasource. We can save the Lumira Document on the plattform and even open it. But when trying to refresh it, an error occurs, that the datasource is not available. We have also tried to save the excel file on a shared drive, but it does not help.

I have found the note 2556852 regarding my problem. The solution is to save the file on the Bi Server, where Lumira is hosted. But this is not a practicable way for us. Because then we would need for every single user,rights to write and read on the Bi Server. Has anyone else the same problem? Is there a any other workaround? Is this problem still existing in Lumira 2.1?

Many thanks in Advice


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  • So it really doesn't do data blending like Spotfire, PowerBI or even Webi. I would think that if one was to put the Excel file on the BI platform we should be able to have it as an option for import...but it doesn't show up. Not all data is architected in a warehouse so this limits your ability to do adhoc type of reports AND share them. I don't know how many corporations allow users to put Excel files on a shared drive that the BI Server can read.

    Would be nice to see this fixed

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4 Answers

  • Mar 01, 2018 at 11:00 AM

    Hello Sevhan - I don't recall seeing anything in the "What's New" for 2.1

    Feel free to attend this webcast today given by SAP to ask them this question directly: How to upgrade to Lumira 2.1 / best practices

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  • Mar 01, 2018 at 01:37 PM

    Does the shared drive has accessible from BI platform service account? If your SIA is running on local user, it may not have access to shared drive. Make sure you can access the shared drive from BO server.

    In the same note you mentioned, if you see bottom of the note, it clearly says that

    1. The best and recommended way for working on Excel based Lumira documents is to store the excel sheets on a shared drive and ensure access to the shared drive from client machine hosting the Lumira discovery tool and also the BI server hosting LS4BIP.
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  • Mar 08, 2018 at 10:04 AM

    We are having a simmilar issue with Discovery 2.1 BIp 4.2 SP05.

    We imported data from an Excel and saved the LUMX LOCALY (so it has all the Exceldata stored in itself).

    Then we uploaded this file via CMC to the BIP it will crash on open.

    This worked very well in Lumira 1.x

    . Does anybody have an solution for this?

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  • Mar 14, 2018 at 10:01 AM

    Hey All,

    SAP team has recently posted a note 2616418 that details out the support of refresh of XLS source based lumira documents on BI platform. Here you would get know what works and what does not.

    Typically, as long as the XLS file is accessible from the lumira server, the refresh of the lumira document should work.



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