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Wrong Vendor for correct Batch

Mar 01 at 03:56 AM


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HI Team,

Please help me in the below issue.

Material XXXXX

Batch 1T47 : 1. Vendor 29570 &

Batch 1U01 2. Vendor 25747

Plant XXXX

Stor. Location 1T47 & 1U01

Here material is existing in 2 Batches, 2 Storage locations, 2 Info records for a combination of Vendor + Material + Plant+ Storage location [ MSC1N ].

While creating order we maintained stock in Batch 1T47 and it should pick Vendor 29570 But it is picking with Fixed Vendor 25747 to PR and PO which is wrong.

Here in the PR itself it is not picking correct Fixed Vendor hence with the wrong Info record in we are getting wrong Vendor is picking to PO.

Kindly let me know the possibility and this issue is not solving from long time.



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Thank you very much

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Jürgen L
Mar 01 at 01:13 PM

this is just a mix of SAP terms without any logic.

Batch records (MSC1N) have nothing to do with Info records.

you said: "While creating order we maintained stock in Batch 1T47 and it should pick Vendor 29570"

A vendor is never picked based on a batch.

While you create an order you never maintain stock

Stock is the result of a receipt against a purchase order, and in usual business the batch is created automatically during the goods receipt and gets automatically the vendor number into the batch record from the purchase order against which the receipt was posted.

The PR is picking a vendor based on information in the source list, which one is taken is pretty much depending on how the PR itself is created (MRP or manually) and when the source determination takes place (in MRP or in ME51N or ME57)

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