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How to hide Unit price in PO layout when Print Price is unchecked in condition control tab

Hello All ,

I have requirement where I need to hide Unit Price in PO layout(Custom in my case) in case for given line item if Print price field is unchecked under condition control tab.

I tried few things below :

1. I cleared unitprice field if EKPO-PRSDR is initial. output is coming as 0.00.

2.I tried unitprice = space but output is coming as 0.00.

3. Used HIDE keyword throwing error.

My requirement is for given line item it should come as space.

Kindly suggest me in case you have any solution.

Thanks In Adavance.

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  • Where exactly is this "PO layout" you are speaking of? It's not clear what is the context of the question. Are you talking about a standard transaction? A report? A form?

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2 Answers

  • Mar 01 at 04:37 AM


    can you please tell where that field is displaying either in smartform or report?

    if that is smartform, for that declare one string type field.

    use that string field to display and that string field is filled up when EKPO-PRSDR is not initial or EKPO-PRSDR is not equal '0.00'.

    put the above condition in program code or initilization of smartform.

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  • Feb 28 at 03:52 PM

    Fields like unit price (EKPO-NETPR) are currency fields, they arein your case associated to a currency code (EKKO-WAERS) so SAP will display 0,00 as long as the currency code is not initial (and that's not advisable...) You have to deactivate display of the field (put a condition as in standard layouts)

    NB: Moving 'space' to a numeric field trigger an implicit conversion of space into 'zero', same result than clear.

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