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JMS Message Deleting from Source not coming to PO


I configured scenario with the help of blog

it is working fine in normal cases, sometimes when we receive message size like more than 100mb then message getting deleted from the Rabbit MQ server and not coming PI/PO, no error showing in PO/PI (no error in sender channel/ no error in message monitoring) . In RabittMQ it is showing "Un-Acknowledged".



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  • Former Member

    Hi Khaja JK,

    have you got any solution for this issue we are facing similar issue (if there is any failure in JMS Sender communication channel like message headers missing,high load ) no message coming to SAP PI/PO (No message log in JMS Sender Channel) , in RMQ Queue message went to Un-Ack state from ready state and if we restart our sender JMS channel it turns green and message disappear from Un-ack as new connection established (because of channel restart) .

    Please let me know if you got any solution.

  • hi Ramesh Mindaguditi,

    I am also having the same issues, when we have high load we are facing this issues, some messages were un-acknowledged to Rabitt Queue from PO.

    Unfortunately we don't have traces or logs for this case from PO side as well as Rabitt side. If Rabitt switch on Trace then it is huge load for them so they cannot, If we switch on XPI Inspector this from PO side for sender channel then it is not captured. It is clue less as of now.



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