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SAP Web IDE - How to let gitignore file ".user.project.json"?

Mar 05 at 04:04 AM


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Hello everyone,

I have one weird problem with git system in SAP Web IDE. As you can see in below screenshot, I have one file ".user.project.json" that has been changed. **I don't want to include this file into my git repository.** I tried several ways to add the name file into .gitignore file but it does not work. The file still added to the repository.

The ".user.project.json" is used to store user data in web IDE only, no need to be added to the project git repository. When many developers work on the same project and push the ".user..." file along with the commits, it will cause conflict because each developer's ".user..." file is different. How can I surely add this ".user.project.json"?

Thank you in advance,


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2 Answers

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Ho Quoc Vuong Mar 05 at 04:23 AM

After some hour looking for the answer. I've found the solution:

1. User git panel to un-track & ignore the file you want. (in this case is ".user.project.json")

2. Commit all the file & push to the remote repository.

(if you commit to local repository only & change in .gitignore, like it did, it will not work because the file in remote repository is still exist, which make the local repository still keep the file tracked & not ignored)

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Nicholas Owen O’Malley Mar 05 at 07:08 AM

If the file is committed and sent to github, you have to delete the file, commit, push to git. Add the file back to the project and make sure the file is added to gitignore.

If you only ignore it, the old file will stil be in the repo.

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