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Jul 25, 2008 at 06:20 AM

Smartforms warning message


Dear experts,

In smartforms , i have discovered a warning and i actually could not find a way out to get rid out of this warning.Though it has no implications to execution but still its not acceptable.

At present i have warning

Field I_TOTSF-SUMG has no defined value

Now i have declared this table in global definition .If i try to give this particular field I_TOTSF-SUMG ,it says invalid value as a result i cannot put this in global definition or trying giving any default val.

Further thing is that i get this warning only if i put it in text control but not if i put it in table control.

I searched forums and i get declare it as import parameter and use pass by value as told by Swetha but on attempting to do

I_TOTSF-SUMG ,i get error invalid field entered and i have to delete that node.


Aditya Sharma