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Fixed issues from MD04 in mass mode

Hi all,

As you all may know, MD04 view shows the Available qty as Stock.

However, when a Production Order gets released, then all the materials that are included into the BOM of that product, will automatically place a reservation for the needed qty of each material.

That is, If I have a product Omlette (fried eggs mixed with milk), which has the following BOM:

  • 2 eggs
  • 1 slice of cheese
  • 1 cup of milk

Lets say we have 10 eggs in stock. Once I realease a production order for 1 omlette, then there will be reservations made for 2 eggs and they will be visible in MD04 view as OrdRes. The stock will still show 10 pcs as Available qty, even though 2pcs were reserved for a future production order. So, to find out the real stock value, I need to do some manual math: (Available qty) - (Fixed Issues), where Fixed Issues = SUM of all OrderReservations.

The sum of these OrdRes will be seen in the Stock Overview (if we double click on the stock figure on the right from the first screenshot) and it is called "Fixed Issues":

It is worth mentioning, that Fixed Issues actually consist of different things. If I double click on the [Fixed Issues] field from the 2nd screenshot, I will see what it is made of:

Now my question is: how do I get a report for a list of materials to get that Fixed Issues figure for each material?

Is there any transaction that I could use, which would allow me to enter the materials as criteria (eggs, apples, cheese, lemons) and it would show me how many [fixed issues] is available for each of them in 1 view?

The OrdRes are not reflected in MB51 as any Movement Type. They can be seen from MMBE, but that is a single view transaction. I could, of course, use MD07, and find all materials that have OrdRes element in the list, but that would still not provide me a list layouted view with each material, its Available Stock qty and Fixed Issues.

Currently, I have made an excel VBA macro that fetches the data for each material 1 by 1, checking the stock and taking away the fixed issues number, but it is quite slow (1 material = 1 sec). Any ideas?

PS: Sorry for the mess in the tags, It is really hard to understand the structure of the suggested options.



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1 Answer

  • Mar 13, 2018 at 07:52 AM

    Hi Alex,

    You can try t-code CO09 to see if it fulfills your requirement. The fixed issue could be committed qty in CO09.

    However, I don't think there is a report can show multiple materials with such info.

    Best regards,


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