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SAP Hana Express CloudApplianceLibrary - HanaStudio - connect to tenant HXE

Mar 04 at 09:31 AM


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I've followed the notes in SAP Hana Developer Community re setting up an instance of SAP Hana 2.0 Express in SAP Cloud Appliance Library (AWS or Microsoft Azure)

Issue: From a local client install of HanaStudio ... I can connect to the SYSTEMDB but not the tenant HXE database.

Create a connection in HanaStudio to SYSTEMDB no problem.
Create a connection in HanaStudio to tenant HXE ... connection hangs for a while and comes back with 'The system cannot be reached' ... I believe lots of people experience this looking at forums.

I can telnet to the SYSTEMDB and tenant HXE database SQL ports from my client machine.
If I putty to the HanaExpress instance I can use 'hdbsql' to log on to the SYSTEMDB and the HXE tenant db and run queries.
If I look at the processes on the HanaExpress instance I can see the nameserver and indexserver are listening on SQL ports.

I'm running:
HanaExpress version: (as deployed by CAL)
HanaStudio 2.3.27 on my local machine

I don't have any issues like this with Hana on local VMs, AWS etc
It looks like a config/networking issue with HanaExpress on CAL (AWS)

Please see screen dumps.

Anyone got any ideas

hxe1.png (81.6 kB)
hxe2b.png (139.5 kB)
hxe2b.png (139.5 kB)
hxe3.png (42.5 kB)
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3 Answers

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Andy Scott
Mar 09 at 12:41 AM


In the screenshots, I see 'map_hxehost'.

It may be that 'map_vhcalhxedb' is the entry you want?

I have not tried this yet myself, but thought I would give you that suggestion.

Also link below may be a helpful reference (GCP tutorial)


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Hi Andrew ... kudos ... worked.

So did adding the tenant as the SYSTEMDB:39015 ...

Good job!

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Former Member Mar 05 at 01:38 AM



HANA Express 2.0 Tenant DB HXE by default SQL PORT IS 39015 (90 instance id)

HANA studio uses this port behind the scenes just to make sure right click the System views connection to HXE and check properties

Also can u open TELNET IPADDRESS or HOSTNAME port 39015 what happens ?

if TELNET is successful then connection (Network ) OK if not check whether PORT 39015 open on AWS VM (firewall)

Check Tenant DB is up and running using SQL console SYSTEM DB connection in Hana studio

usually SSYSTEM DB sql port is 39013 which u could connect means u are not behind a firewall or ports blockage due to corporate policy (only 80 or 443 blocked ) so if u could connect port 39013 you should be able to connect 39015(HXE port)

in the HANA STUDIO connection did you put in IP address(use IP address as a wuick test ) or host name if hostname it should be Virtual host name example HXEHOST-HXEDB then update your local hosts file on Hana server make sure you created virtual hostname with public URLS HTTP/HTTPS

also did you select Multiple database and then select tenant db type in name HXE


rama anne

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Former Member

sorry typos

Multiple database should multi database container

Mike Quinn Mar 05 at 10:08 AM


thanks for the reply. I can telnet to port 39013 and 39015 and even to 39041 for a second tenant db HXE2 I created using 'hdbsql' on the command line whilst putty'd onto the host from my local client machine. I tried with hostname, ip address. I updated my hosts file to represent to public IP address and host name each time I rebooted the host.

Networking wise it all looks good. I even added a rule to the CAL instances firewall to allow any traffic from anywhere. As you can see from the screen shots ... all the services are up and running and listening on the right ports.

Any ideas beyond the ones above?

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