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How can I join bsik bsak and bkpf table in sqvi to retrieve all the details of open and clear items

Mar 03 at 06:17 AM


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I have to create a report which should consists of all the payment details of vendor like whether the item is cleared or opened ,payment are done or not

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1 Answer

Raymond Giuseppi
Mar 05 at 09:39 AM

Did you consider either building an actual report, or creating your query/quick view on logical database KDF (which perform the UNION between BSIK and BSAK)

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I am creating a report using quick view not on logical database. I have joined bsak and bsik with bkpf table having left outer join on both the tables. I am retriving the data of both cleared and open items . But I need to only retrive the data i.e all posting items present in fbl1n for particular posting dates . But actually I am fetching all the details of bkpf. I have to restrict my fetch how can do that. Please help me its urgent.


If remove outer join on both the tables it displays "no data selected". If I remove one of the inner joins it shows the data of that table which has outer join. Please help me. I am mew to this field

  • You cannot, BSIK and BSAK are exclusive, so building your view on BKPF you must use LEFT OUTER JOIN and cannot optimize selection of data
  • Quick View allows use of logical database, actually the KDF LDB would be a substitute for a UNION of select from both tables

This is not specific to "this field", it's basic SQL. Look up the meaning of JOIN and UNION commands and just apply simple logic. It'd work the same way in any DB, even in MS Access.

When you go to create new query in SQVI, it has a dropdown "data source" and "logical database" is an option there. What is preventing you from trying what Raymond suggested (twice)?


I tried using logical database , & I am unable to append selection screen . When I tried to append it using sq03 it gave me an error not authorised.


SQ03 is not related to the subject?

By default you will get a similar selection-screen than FBL1n and you can append any field you want in SQVI, so what did you already do?


How can I append selection screen while using logical database??


You cannot append "selection screen" in query. You can add selection fields. The same way as usual, on the "Selection field" tab. C'mon now...

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I tried using logical database and it really worked well thank you for your suggestions . But I am sorry to say my mam need the data to be fetched from table in quick view , she don't want the data from logical database