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DMS & Workflow - Handling Digital Signatures


I have set up a DMS status network, and I'm controlling this network using workflow.

My workflow listens to "DRAW" for changes, and when a particular status is seen,

workflow starts.

This workflow sends out work items to several users, prompting them to review.

At this point, users can go into the DIR from their Inbox, and either select Approve or Reject Status.

Both Approve and Reject status are set up to require a Digital Signature. Workflow controls moving the status back to a "ready" state for the next reviewer. It also keeps track of the number of reviewers, in order to know when all reviews are done.

When everyone behaves in timely manner, this works great. Workflow has no issue with setting DMS statuses - in most cases.

However, I also have deadline monitoring set up on my workflow. After 3 days pass with no action, I want to "auto-reject". System id WF-BATCH is what I use to set statuses through workflow, and this works fine in most cases. However since the status "Approve" and "Reject" are set to require digital signatures, this system initiated status change FAILS. The system does not provide a digital signature for itself.

My question is - is this possible through configuration - to set it up in some way that a system ID can promote to a status and either pass a password or simply not require a digital signature?

My network is kind of stuck at this point because one of the 2 statuses MUST be selected for it to proceed.

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    Posted on Jul 25, 2008 at 02:18 PM

    Hi Bill

    I honestly would not use a digital signature on reject, its not a status that would require a digital signature.

    If you think about it logically, you wouldn't need a signature, to not sign a document, only to sign it and by rejecting it, you are effectively saying you are not prepared to sign it.

    Also remember that a digital signature forces a content version so if you are going to send a document back and forth for approvals a couple of times, the system will store a copy every time it gets rejected which may increase the storage requirements.



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      Hello Athol,

      I am working on SAP DMS implementation for Real estate company. Could you guide me how to activate GOS comments section in DIR? Its a business requirement in my project to add comments on each assigned document status. I tried to activate the same but did not get any option to acivate the same.

      I look forward to your response.


      Sudhir Rahase

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    Posted on Jul 25, 2008 at 06:16 AM


    Im not sure if i have understood the requirement, but if you want to set system status based on delay of 3 days, you can hard set the password in your workflow code.

    Table: RC70D

    Fields: SIGNER and PASSWORD


    Let me know if it helps !!!

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      Hi Bill,

      That is very interesting scenario.

      @ your statement: If hard coding the userid WF-BATCH and the password in some table will solve this problem, then we'd be thrilled

      You dont need to hardcode the userid and password in Table but may be you can pass the value to these tables.

      Like your id is Reject_WF and there would be a password which can be reset by Basis to say password_WF

      then you can have a report or hard code these values in the WF to pass them to the Tables.

      Another way is you have another status "Reject_WF" which doesnt need Digital Sign and here you can hard code comments as "Rejected because of Approval / Rejection Deadline has passed"

      This status will again forward the document to your required status via Report which can be run every day at 5PM may be or may be hourly.


      Let me know if it helps !!!!

      Award points if post helps you