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Former Member
Jul 24, 2008 at 06:08 PM

Issues with .NET Interface in CR 2008


As I am forced to move away from the Win32 and COM interfaces to Crystal Reports in order to embrace CR 2008, I am presented with some issues due to some apparent shortcomings in the .NET Interface, which is apparently not nearly as powerful as the Win32 interface. The Win32 interface is still there and works, but is no longer supported.

1) The export options in the .NET Report Viewer are much fewer than available through Win32, and what is available in the CR 2008 designer itself. Furthermore, you are not presented with any export options as in Win32 or the CR 2008 designer; you simply get a Save As dialog.

2) Using the .NET interface to the report engine, it is not possible to export in formats that are otherwise available (in Win32 interface or CR 2008 Designer): ODBC, Record Format, and the new XML export option.

I cannot advance to CR 2008 if it will force me to deprive my customers of functionality they've had with previous versions. However, I'm being forced to upgrade because the interface I was using is no longer supported. I'm being forced into a corner.

Does Business Objects/SAP have any plans to correct these shortcomings, or should we expect to lose more API functionality in the future?