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HANA Filter Push Down

I have a calculation view that needs to rank products based on the filter criteria that the user selects. The problem I am having is that if a user comes in and filters the view based on a particular attribute that filter does not get applied at the lowest level of the calc view. Instead what happens is the view first ranks the ALL products 1 through X and then filters the results. If they have selected 3 different products the ranks might be 10, 35 and 76 instead of 1, 2, 3.

My question is how I force the HANA calc view to do that filtering all the way at the lowest level before doing the rank? I understand that I could accomplish this with parameters but the challenge there is that I don't know which attributes the user might filter the data on. It feels to me like maybe there is a Execution Hint that could be used but I don't know which it would be.

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