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Jul 24, 2008 at 04:43 PM

Mail Adapter and File content conversion.


I have a scenario to send data from SAP to 4 different boards. I have used a Multi mapping for this scenario. I am using Proxy for SAP to xi and SOAP, File and Mail adapter for the external connections.


1) I need to send a mail in CSV or Excell format in one scenario. I have used AF_StrictXml2Plain Module but its not working? any thoughts?

2) In the file adapter I have to add the YYYYMMDD (current Date) to the file name? when I use timestamp i get the time too, any way of getting only date? I cant use the Variable substitution as i dont have date in my payload.

3) Receiver File content conversion:

My Message Type Looks like this





I have used these parameters:

Recordset Structure: Row

Row.addHeaderLine : 0

Row.fieldSeparator : ,

Row.endSeparator: 'nl'

am I doing something worng, the file content conversion doesnt work.

Please let me know

Thanks in advance