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Crystal Cross tab suppress total and show zero fields

Mar 01 at 06:14 PM


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I'm consolidating financials in Crystal across 2 DB's (A & B) and using Cross Tab in Crystal works well.

Question 1: I see that there is a total of some sort under the DB name column. But I do not know where this comes from, it is not the Sum of the Balance... How can I suppress this total? It seems it is something Cross Tab is doing automatically, I cannot select that field to suppress.

Question 2: I do not see all the Account Segments in the rows - the ones with 0 values does not show. I need all to show even if it is $0.

Your assistance will be appreciated,


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2 Answers

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Marli Schutte Mar 05 at 04:48 PM

I was able to solve the extra amount and wrong Total field with the Cross Tab Expert > Cross Tab > Cross Tab Group Options > Others: "Discard all others"

Thanks for your assistance.

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Abhilash Kumar
Mar 01 at 07:58 PM

Hi Marli,

Do you have Account Segments with NULL values? If yes, then that's what the first row is.

To show all rows, go to the Crosstab Expert > Customize Style and make sure "Suppress Empty Row" and "Suppress Empty Columns" is unchecked.


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Thanks for the feedback. I do not totally understand the Account Segment with NULL values, it this not mandatory to fill in?

I checked and I do have the "Suppress Empty Row" and "Suppress Empty Columns" unchecked. I still get that extra amount and a wrong total...

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When I did the Sorting like you mentioned in the other Tread, it now displays this value as "Other", which I have not created in the Sorting on the Cross Tab > Specified order.

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