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Sybase database migration from one datacenter to another datacenter

Mar 01 at 04:43 PM


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Hi All,

i am planning to migrate database from one datacenter to another datacenter.

In the current envirnoment we have few few sybase ASE 15.7 Sp 138 mostly, currently we dont have any MSA replication setup in the current environment only warm standby and table level replication is there,

Since migration plan is like to setup MSA replication from old datacenter to new datacenter than failover it to new datacenter.

i will really appreciate if somebody can write up bullet points about.

amount of complexity to configure it in a running production environment, issues and risks including any additional licensing challenges.

thanks in advance

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1 Answer

Hector Lechon Mar 01 at 09:09 PM

Not sure that I understand your question correctly:

Do you mean to say that you have one datacenter (let's call it datacenterA) and another datacenter (datacenterB) and you want to migrate all the ASE instances from datacenterA to datacenterB?

You mention that you currently have warmstandby and table replication. Is that warmstandby replication between ASE servers located entirely in datacenterA only? or between datacenterA and datacenterB?

If you are going to migrate, my first recommendation would be warmstandby because it offers the possibility of creating replication paths from A to B, but if something goes wrong during or after your migration to B and you need to go back to A, you just switch the logical connection and this changes the direction of the replication. MSA cannot do that, it is a one-way replication mechanism.

If you set up MSA replication from A to B and switch your users to B, only to find out that there are problems that require you to go back to A, then with MSA you would need to re-create the paths all over again in the opposite direction.

Additionally, If you already use warmstandby replication, say from ASE sever 1 to ASE server 2, and want to migrate that data to ASE server 3, you can set up MSA replication to ASE Server 3 that will work from the logical warmstandby connection between ASE server1 and ASE sever2.


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