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KS01/KS02 - Cost Center Create/Change Workflow Approval

Hi Expert,

I have a requirement to create Workflow for Cost Center Creation/Change. this triggers a workflow during Creation/Changed and will send email for approval/rejection to authorized controller. I check with BO BUS0012 but the event is CREATED which means cost center is already created then can trigger the workflow. Also we have custom fields additional tab in Cost Center, which we cannot use BAPI to update this custom fields(Additional Tab / Screen enhancement).

Question: What would be the best approach for this development wherein User can request Cost Center Creation/Change, after it has been approved, that's the time Cost Center will be created or updated, else if reject, it should not be created or updated and should also update the custom fields in additional tab(Screen enhancement)

Please advice.

Many Thanks

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1 Answer

  • Mar 01, 2018 at 06:49 PM

    Hi Lando,

    I would start by looking at the user exits for Cost Center creation. It may well be that a cost center has to be created, but you could use the workflow to control the locks on the Cost Center, or even cause it to be deleted if it has been rejected. Take a look at:

    COCCA001 Customer enhancement to cost center authorization checks

    COCCA002 Customer Functions for Organizational Authorization Checks

    COOMEP01 CO-OM: Information system -> line item reports

    COOMKA01 Customer Fields for Cost Element Master Data

    COOMKS01 Customer Fields for Cost Center Master Data

    COOMKS02 Cost Center: Checks When Saving

    COOMLA01 Customer Fields for Activity Type Master Data

    COOMKS03 Cost Center: BAPI Enhancements

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    • Thanks Susan,

      I will look at the exits you have mentioned and will figure out the if this would be applicable.

      One problem we have is on how to update added custom fields in KS01 creation of cost center if we are going to use Custom program in triggering the workflow to prevent it from Creation before approval process. I can't use BAPI to update these fields if ever the workflow been approved.

      And also we have another program interface that gets cost center data then send it to another system, which means when user requested Cost Center Creation or Change, it should not reflect to the database so that the interface will not pick it up, as this still needs approval. I