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Jul 24, 2008 at 12:15 PM

Modify the standard transaction


Hello Experts

For the below problem which is still not solved

yet I was adviced to proceed as follows.

1. Accepting the limitation, it is only cosmetic.

2. Modify the standard transaction

3. Strip out the carriage return/line feeds.

Imagine the customer accepts the modifying of the transaction

cbih82. In that case what has to be adapted or improved

to not having this problem.

In order to understand my problem

please call transaction cbih82, press F8,

'Start search anyway?' click yes,

'Do you really want to continue?' click also yes, at the hit list

chooce any incident and hit the button 'Safety Measures'. And now

you will see a field named 'Description' at the below part

of the gui.

Exactly this field is going to be filled through WebDynpro

via adaptive RFC.

A TextEdit element is used in order to insert a text which will passed

to the sap system (at the backend) later .

Java adds automatically \r\n as as usual when the user

makes a new line while inserting text in this text edit area.

This is so far OK.

e.g you insert a text like

sap 'line feed'

is 'line feed'

great 'line feed'

Java makes internally:

"Ltxt"= "sap\r\nis\r\ngreat\r\n"

But on the SAP side I get this text displayed like:

sap##is##great (inside a field named 'Description' ).

To sum up this mentioned field 'Description'

can be edited on the SAP side within the

transcation (cbih83). When you click on the

icon 'Display note' an editor will be launched.

It's like a magic, right there the line

feeds are interpreted correctly. I can see

the the text appearing one after another

sperated by new line (line feed).

With other words line feeds are exitisting

inside the editor but otherwise they are

displayed as # if you not launch this

editor. When I remove these # signs

on the other hand there won't be any

line feeds available inside the editor.

The goal ist how to solve this strange occurance without deleting linefeeds and displaying # .


Erdem Sas