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Mar 01, 2018 at 01:57 PM

Can I add new SAPUI5 versions to SAP WEB IDE Personal Edition?



I'm begginer in UI5 world although I made some OpenSAP courses and few workshops on TechEd and currently I'm preparing the tools and the system in my company to finally start with Fiori & UI5.

I'm using Web IDE Personal Edition and I have there 3 versions of SAPUI5 1.28,1.38 and 1.44 while in my FES I have 1.48.
I've created an app using 1.44 version and wWhile deploying the app to FES I'm receiving an information that there was an error as some components does not exists anymore in version 1.48 .

The question is can I upgrade somehow SAP Web IDE Personal Edition to allow me to create 1.48 or 1.52 version apps?

What I did already is I've downloaded the runtimes from tools.hana..... website and I've putt them to the folder where other runtimes are.

Then I've edited the neo-app.json file but probably not in correct way.

Nevertheless I still see only versions 1.28,1.38 and 1.44 while creating new project.

Any hints?