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Change the Sign of Condition Value via Pricing Procedure Routine

Mar 01 at 11:00 AM


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Dear Gurus,

One of my condition is with negative sign, I want in some pricing procedure if that condition is call Condition value should come with positive value, I believe and work for this via routines, but i forget the number of that routine.

Can guru will assist me regarding this or can suggest any work around for the same, with thanks.

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2 Answers

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G Lakshmipathi
Mar 02 at 06:45 AM

In SAP, any amount, once it is posted as negative or positive, only it can be adjusted with a contra entry and it will not work as you expect.

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G Lakshmipathi
Mar 01 at 12:51 PM

What is the Business requirement ?

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Dear G Lakshmipathi,

Hope you are doing well.

Client wants to book provision in advance, and pay as per distributor raise the claims, and at the end of the month reverse the balance.

So for the same I configure rebate agreement with the name provision agreement, where only provision is book, adjustment will be cater at the time of claim handling out of the rebate agreement, and at the end of the month if some value of provision left, user change the value in the condition of rebate agreement and settle.

so initial at the time of provision.


provision expense is debit

and provision is credit.


at claim request value

provision is debit

and customer is credit


at the month end

remaining provision is debot

and provision expense is credit.

so partially as per business requirement I configure the rebate and remaining process treated separately,

Looking forward for your feedback, with thanks.