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Use Hybris Marketing to forward any kind of web request


we are running Hybris Marketing 1702 on-premise.

At the moment we have set up our website/landing pages with Typo3 and rolled-out multiple web forms which fulfil various business functions e.g. to receive HR, sourcing requests but also product and sales requests from customers and leads. Sales/products requests are routed to our existing lead management application, all other requests will be routed to a mailbox to a responsible employee.

I wonder if it is possible to use Hybris Marketing capabilities to do all this. I already build a proof of concept:

  1. I created a custom field "Web Form Interest" using the App "Custom Fields and Logic". I is a list with options like "Sourcing", "HR", "Sales" and so on.
  2. I added the field to my segmentation
  3. I created a web form with Firstname, Lastname, E-Mail, my new custom field "Web Form Interest".
  4. In the segmentation I build up target groups to differentiate by the field "Web Form Interest". I build one target group for HR, one for "Sourcing" and so on.
  5. Sales/product related requests will be routed as Leads to C4C using a campaign or the app called "Lead transfer".
  6. Other request, like for our sourcing department should be routed to an e-mail receiver containing all contact information.

I build all this, except the last step (number 6). I wonder if there is a solution from Hybris standard to route contact / web form requests to an e-mail receiver. Maybe I can build and use a custom logic here (using the app "custom fields and logic).

Is this possible? What do you think about my concept?



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