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311 mvmt from WM storage location to a IM location

When I do a 311 mvt from WM managed Storage location to IM managed SLOC, a TO is generated. Before this TO is confirmed, I can see the stock moves to IM location and is allowed to use for a customer order. Is there a way we can prevent this, meaning, stop moving the stock to IM location until the TO is confirmed?

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2 Answers

  • Mar 01, 2018 at 09:45 AM

    Why do you use a one-step movement 311 if you actually need a two-step movement (313 315)?

    if you move goods between 2 storage locations which are not warehouse management then the material is also immediately usable in the receiving storage location , while the real physical activities might not be different to a warehouse managed location.

    But why would one use the material if it is not yet transported? Or is it transported and only somebody forgot to confirm the TO right on time? And if somebody did not confirm the TO on time, then why shall the receiver suffer under this mistake?

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    • Former Member

      Thank you Jurgen.

      While 313 followed by 315 is the actual way, our requirement is to use a one-step mvmt. to transfer from WM storage location to IM sloc. We see no issues in moving the stock between IM slocs. But, when we do a WM sloc to IM, the stock is shown as available in IM sloc with the TO still open. Shouldn't it actually show something like 'In transit' stock in MMBE and once the TO is confirmed, only then the same should move into unrestricted?

      Do you recommend any one-step stock transfer method from WM to IM sloc?

  • Mar 01, 2018 at 10:34 AM

    You are confusing WM with IM.

    In your opinion is IM and WM next to each other at the same level. But this is not the case. WM is only a subordination to IM. It is used to manage the processes within a storage location.

    If a storage location is not bigger than bed room than you do not need to subdivide it more granular as you can find everything pretty quick, but if your storage location is bigger than a soccer field then this is totally different, hence you use WM to get a more granular structure into a storage location and also to organize the work steps using transfer order and their confirmation.

    Whatever you do in IM for a location that is warehouse managed has some effect to the WM beneath, but almost nothing from beneath has any impact the other way around.

    The IM level does not know how complex the WM beneath is, storage location 0001 (bed room) is from a technical IM point of view just equal to storage location 0002 (soccer field) .

    And if you move a good from 0001 to 0003 then it has the same status after this movement like a material moved from 0002 to 0003. Which means for 0003 is has no relevance from where the goods came.

    Of course there are ways to handle things differently. e.g. the 2 step movement.

    Alternative you could just not allow a negative stock at the interim storage type. Which means your 311 movement cannot be saved until you have confirmed the TO from the bin to the interim storage type.

    But this comes just down to basic principles of WM: which movements lead? Movement first in IM or movement first in WM?

    You actually wanted to restrict someone in location 0003 from using the material, so again the question: why is someone using things which he did not get? OR did he get it and someone else missed to complete his work? Unfortunately I see it much too often that one tries to punish the wrong people. A diligent root cause analysis is needed instead of implementing restrictions that only ensure that system activities are done in the right logical sequence but physical activities are totally detached.

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    • Former Member

      Thanks again. I understand and completely agree regarding training.

      We usually get a request first, then we do a 313 followed by 315, all of this adds up to 3 steps and we are trying to narrow this down. Like, a request followed by one step movement. As a matter of fact, in the sloc, we have the fork lifts that does the physical mvmt on the floor way faster before the TOs are confirmed in this case.

      Hence we are looking for a one step WM to IM stock transfer.