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Jul 24, 2008 at 09:07 AM

Can single site have more than one site navigation???? In WPC



I am new to WPC, my doubt is can a single site contain more than one site navigation ( navigation.wpc) ??

let me bit more clear....

I created a site, created navigation nodes, created web pages and then published site navigation, copied the path from navigation.wpc, used that path in a worksets "external connections".

Up to here every thing is clear and i did what I wanted.


I want to create a new web page which will be part of above navigation path ( navigation.wpc).

I create a web page under same site and used that navigation, and when i used this path in new workset, its again showing me previous content added new web page in detailed navigation of portal.

I want this web page should be part of second level navigation which will not connect to previous one any where.

at last my question is.... can I have more than one navigation paths under single site?

Is it possible? if yes, How? give me steps...

Thanks in Advance...