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SAP CRM - Making Partner Functions Dependent with different Statuses

Hello Guys,

I have a question to ask.

I Created my own transaction type and made appropriate settings (status profile, partner functions, date profile, web UI settings etc etc).

Now I'm stuck at a requirement where I have to make partner function dependent on status of the transaction.

EX: Transaction type has statuses: "New" - " Assignment pending" - "Work in progress" - "Closed"

and Partner function 1, Partner function 2 and Partner function 3.

Now I want to make Partner function 1 as a mandatory field when the status is "New", Partner function 2 as mandatory when status is "Assignment pending" and partner function 3 mandatory when status is "work in progress".

PS: I've tried "specify status-dependent required fields", it's not making my functions as mandatory fields.

Any help would be great and I really appreciate your time and help!



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2 Answers

  • Mar 05, 2018 at 02:09 PM

    Hi Vinay,

    From your description I would say you need a badi to implement your requirement.

    Please see the help document in the IMG in the incompletness check:

    Business Add-In for Incompleteness Check in Business Transac


    In this step, you can create enhancements for determining an incompleteness procedure.

    The following methods are provided by Business Add-In CRM_INCOMP:

    • PROC_DETERMINE: Procedure Determination
      If necessary, you can exchange the incompleteness procedure determined as standard by the function module CRM_INCOMP_PROC_DETERMINE.


    In orde to use a Business Add-In, an implementation must be generated for the existing BAdI definition, and a corresponding method must be programmed.


      1. Create an implementation.
      2. Assign the BAdI definition to the implementation.
      3. Navigate to one or more methods in the editor to program the methods.
      4. Activate the methods.
      5. Activate the implementation.


    Best regards - Christophe

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    • Hello Christophe,

      Firstly, thanks for your help on this and I appreciate your time.

      Before even going into the Badi for the solution, I do see a standard way is available to achieve this but cannot make it work. I'm not sure if I did everything right or missing something to activate this functionality. Please see below for more info:

      Specify Status-Dependent Required Fields


      In this activity, you can specify which UI fields are to be checked when you change the user status of the incident.

      If the selected fields are empty, an error message is sent and the user status is not changed. The UI fields are only checked if BAdI implementation AI_CRM_IM_STATUS_CHECK_CHANGE (enhancement implementationAI_CRM_IM_CHECK_STATUS_CHANGE) or a customer implementation of BAdI AI_CRM_IM_STATUS_BADI is active. If you have selected text or partner checks, specify the text types or partners to be checked in the dependent tables.


        1. Enter a target transaction type.
        2. Enter the status profile.
        3. Enter the user status for which the check is to be performed.
        4. Choose the field to be checked.
        5. To check for specified text types or partners, go to the associated table and enter the values as follows:
      • Texts: Select the rows in which you entered the user status and go to the dependent table for the texts. Enter the text IDs.
      • Partner: Select the rows in which you entered the user status and go to the dependent table for the partners. Enter the partner determination procedure and the descriptive name of the business partner function.
        6. Activate BAdI implementation AI_CRM_IM_STATUS_CHECK_CHANGE or another appropriate implementation of BAdI AI_CRM_IM_STATUS_BADI.

      Best regards,


  • Apr 06, 2018 at 11:56 AM

    Hi Vinay,

    My apologies for the late answer. You might use a Solution manager system.

    Please have a look at note

    1817423 - How to configure "Specify Status-Dependent Required Fields" in Solution Manager

    if you have not done so yet.

    Best regards - Christophe

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