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UK Payroll Schema, PCR's & Operations

Feb 28 at 03:34 PM


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I am new to SAP HR and trying to understand Payroll Schema, PCR & Operations, but I am finding it difficult to learn as to when to copy Subschema and when to create new PCR.

Also, I would like to understand function & operations as well please.

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Rémi Corriveau Feb 28 at 05:34 PM

SAP delivers "standard" Schemas and Rules, and I was taught that it is preferable to copy them into Zxxx rather than modify them since that will make it easier to notice SAP changes during periodic updates.

Take for example Payroll Schema X000. You could copy it as Z000, then add a line in it so that a Function calls a Custom Rule (PCR = Personnel Calculation Rule). Similarly, in your schema Z000, you could replace sub-schema XAL9 by a copy of it (ZAL9) where you would have made many changes, such as replacing pcr XVAL by pcr ZVAL (a customized version of ZVAL).

As for your wish to "understand function & operations", start by executing Payroll Calculation in Simulation, with the "Display log" box checked, and drill down into that log. Double-clic on any Function to see what it processes and how. Use t-code pe04 to learn more about Functions and Operations, and read their documentation. Search the web for more.

P.S.: If you have a question on a specific Function or Operation, post a new Query on that specific subject.

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Thanks a lot Remi for your explanations.