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How much effort is roughly needed to get a central ATC system up and running?

Feb 28 at 01:51 PM


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Hi Folks,

we are in the planning stages to set up a central ATC system and I have already read through Olga Dolinskaja's neat and very helpful blog post series about how to go about this.

Apart from knowing what to do - which is covered in the blog posts - , I'd also like to get a better handle on the effort we'll have to expect to get this done and I would therefore appreciate any feedback from any of you who have already done this. Judging from the how-to blog posts, my guess is that it won't be much more than a "couple of days", but I'd like to narrow this down a bit more if possible.

I'd also appreciate any hints about potential snags in the process we are likely to encounter - if any.

The central system will be a new 7.52 Netweaver system and the initial satellite systems are on 7.50 with EHP8 but more satellites will most likely be added later.

Apart from the technical setup we'll obviously also need to make the developers aware of this and this could prove "interesting" and potentially somewhat timeconsuming because they are spread-out across the globe and sometimes are just contracted for specific projects (see my related thread for some background).

Thanks for any feedback you have!



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2 Answers

Mike Pokraka Mar 10 at 09:29 AM

I haven't worked with a multi-system setup before, but a small advice I can offer is to communicate it well and introduce your checks gradually starting with one or two of the most critical ones. It can be a bit depressing if developers are suddenly faced with 200 ATC errors they need to fix.

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Hi Mike,

yes, the potentially large number of ATC errors and how to deal with them is high on my list of priorities and one reason why we haven't yet rolled out blocking on transport release. One of the first steps we'll take is to get the baseline defined once we have the central ATC system up and running to avoid presenting the developer currently working on a program with all the lingering issues from earlier development.

We already have ATC-related information in our development guidelines and I'll also organise short workshops and a presentation in the run-up to going live with "block on transport release".

The reason I posted this question is that I'd like to get a better handle on the timeline I'll need to plan with - are we talking about hours, days or even weeks from getting the central ATC-system setup to have it running operationally.



Mike Pokraka Mar 12 at 09:12 AM

Here’s how I’d approach it: almost everything is a warning, just a few errors. You will have cases where old issues crop up in newly changed code. You could use the ATC exemption mechanism and decide whether those should be fixed or else add them to a list (as opposed to real exemptions). I have been involved in setting this type of organization up where we had a small outsourced team who just fixed these.

Once the process is running smoothly, you can start to switch more items from warning to error.

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