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Former Member
Jul 23, 2008 at 10:17 PM

Simulation of Document Transfer to COPA Problem


Hi, I'm simulating sales order transfers from SD to COPA to see if I created my derivation rules correctly to populate a field. Basically I have a custom partner function that is entered in the sales order per line item (VA01). I have changed the operation concern and added a custom characteristic that is the same type as the partner function type. I then created derivation rules to perform a table lookup on the table where this partner function is stored, and then store it in my user-defined characteristic.

When I run the simulation (KE4TS) and look at the derivation steps, my derivation step says it successfully performed the derivation. However, when I select a message log and click the Characteristics button, the user-defined characteristic is blank showing nothing. If the derivation is a success, shouldn't it be displayed?