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Jul 23, 2008 at 03:04 PM

File BPM Webservice IDOC .........Error in BPM workflow(Sync send step)


Hi all,

I have the same type scenario that is file initiates the bpm that invokes the Webservice.the file data goes into bpm as the input data of the webservice and webservice gives the response and then the web-service response is mapped to

idoc and finally posted to R/3.

The interface sI created:

1.outbound Async -

>for file

2. Abstract async----

>bpm reciever step.

3.Abstract sync----

>bpm sync send step.

4.inbound sync -

>for the webservice to recieve the reqst and to send the response to Abstract sync

5.Abstract async----

>to send the data out of BPM

6.inbound async----

for idoc

created 3 communication channel.

1.file adapter: sender

2.SOAP adapter: Recv

3.IDOC adapter: Recv

created 3 reciever determination

Business process instance in ID

reciever agreement(2)

interface determaination

But getting a problem in BPM.

I think the scenario is logically correct as I have seen previous

SDN suggestions.

But getting the problem in BPM's sync step.and the SOAP rec channel is also BPM workflow I can see the recv step is getting file req data but after that in the sync send step

its stuck up.getting error.

Please sir suggest me.