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Jul 23, 2008 at 02:17 PM

Activate Hierarchy Transfer Rules


My current client is upgrading their R/3 to ECC6. In the process we are changing the BW 3.5 source system from the old R/3 to the new ECC source system. There will be no differences between the naming etc of the old and new R/3, the only change made will be to point to the new R/3 as the source system to the new IP address of the ECC6 box through SM59. We have already completed this.

During testing in the new ECC6 in RSA3 I have been testing extractors. I have come across a problem with some hierarchy extractors. Basically they are not active in BW currently(modified status) and therefore they have no entry in the ROOSGEN table in ECC6. Without an enty in this table I cannot run a test, or will ever be able to use these extractors.

So after all that my question is, how do I go about getting an entry for these hierarch datasources into the ROOSGEN table. Since inside the transfer rules you can only activate master data and text transfer rules and not hierarchy transfer rules.