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Area post APC and depreciation periodically

Nov 01, 2016 at 07:33 PM


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I have created three depreciation areas as below:

01- Area posts in Real time. This is attached to 0L Ledger.

30- Area posts Depreciation only. It takes APC values and depreciation terms from 01.

31- Area posts APC and Depreciation periodically. It takes APC and Depreciation values from 30.This is attached to Non leading ledger CC.

Now, I posted acquisition with F-90. This entry is seen in both 0L and CC ledgers. I think this is wrong, the posting should not go to CC Ledger as the depreciation area is posting to GL on periodic basis only.

Next I posted some transactions with ABSO only to depreciation area 31 by restricting t.types. These posting are dedicated to CC Ledger only.

After this when I run ASKBN, I can see that apart from ABSO transactions which are area specific, the program is also picking up the transactions posted with F-90 for posting into CC Ledger. This is definitely wrong, because F-90 transactions are already available in all the ledgers.

Can anyone guide me in understanding the correct logic of "Area posts APC and Depreciation periodically".

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3 Answers

Sanil Bhandari Nov 02, 2016 at 01:42 AM


The system behaviour in my opinion is correct. When you post an area specific posting, it posts in asset accounting only to that Area but in GL to every ledger. ASKB or ASKBN passes a ledger specific contra entry so that ledger specific net balances also tally with asset subledger and hence everything is in synch. Please check your asset subledger and GL balances before and after running ASKB or ASKBN and check the difference in your test system


Sanil Bhandari

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Former Member

Hi Sanil,

Thanks for reply. I still have confusion here.

F-90, posts to leading and non leading ledger together. So, if I posts APC of 1 lac then it posts to 0L and X1 together and also updates both dep area 01 and 30.

After this, when I check ASKBN, then it shows below entry for non leading ledger (X1), dep area 30:

Dr Asset Account 1 lac

Cr Contra Asset 1 lac

This entry is actually a duplicate entry, because 1 lac was already posted with F-90.

Please advise where I am going wrong.

Setting of Dep Area 30 is posting to GL on periodic basis and it is accepting takeover values for APC and depreciation from 01

Mukthar Ali Ahamed N Nov 02, 2016 at 04:25 AM


Check the settings maintained for the area 31 in OABC.



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Bernhard Kirchner
Dec 05, 2016 at 03:37 PM

Dear Mali,

the values of the leading ledger has to be posted in all non-leading ledgers, too.
With the derived delta area, differences should be forwarded into FI.
From that point of view it is not unusual that both dep area 01 and 30 is updated.

1572318 - Field "Posting in G/L" in transaction OADB

A example of a typical dep.area setting for a parallel ledger at you is like:
Real Posting to G/L Ledger
Area 01 X 1 0L
Area 15 X 3 X1
Area 30 6 X1

(For the meaning of the posting signs: 1572318 - Field "Posting in G/L" in transaction OADB)

best regards


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