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filtering members out of "EPMContextMember" selection

Mar 02 at 03:45 PM


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Hi experts,

I am looking to filter out 2 members from my "EPMContextMember" section when double clicked. I am currently using a filter to show only members which ID ends in "SUB" by using EPMContextMember(,"VERSION","ID LIKE *SUB") and it is working as expected, however, now there is 2 members that need to be restricted from this filter ,XX1_SUB and XX2_SUB, and can't get it to work.

So far I'ver tried;

EPMContextMember(,"VERSION","ID LIKE *SUB,ID<>XX1_SUB,XX2_SUB)" and

EPMContextMember(,"VERSION","ID LIKE *SUB;ID<>XX1_SUB;ID<>XX2_SUB)" but they have not work as expected.

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

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1 Answer

Vadim Kalinin Mar 02 at 05:40 PM

Not possible, the condition in EPMContextMember is very limited.

You can create a new property in VERSION dimension and fill it by "Y" for the required members. Then use this property.

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Thanks Vadim, I thought so, which leads me to ask you;

If I decide to "filter out" those 2 members manually from the "Report Editor" options, would I still be able to save data or retrieve data to them if I hard code their ID's in a EPMSAVEDATA or EPMDATARETRIEVE function in the report? Thanks again.


How filtering in selection is related to the ability to save data??? No relation! If you are talking about data access restriction then you will not be able to save!

P.S. In general I do not recommend using "EPMSAVEDATA or EPMDATARETRIEVE"


Hi Vadim,

Yes that's what I meant. If I filter out those member, could I still save data to them or see their numbers if I pull their parent nodes?


What do you mean by "filter out"???? I do not understand your terms!!!