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Jul 23, 2008 at 11:36 AM

Problem in STO


Hi Friends

I am facing one problem while doing GR against STO (Stock Transport Purchase Order), system is giving msg That

Base value for the excise is zero whereas in billing document its appearing correctly against respective condition type in billing i am using its ZPRO secondly system also giving errror msg please maintain vendor details in excise invoice.I am confused coz nowhere vendor details appears in case of supplying plant's invoice.Need your Guidance its urgent well following settings i maintained regarding STO

Click on Plant

i) Type the Plant number (xxxx) to be configured.

ii) Double click on Plant Record to enter Customer Number (each plant is assigned a customer number)

iii) Type in Sales Organization, Distribution Channel, Division & Language etc.

Save it

b) Click on Assign Delivery Type/Checking

i) For document type UB:

u2022 Purchasing doc. type UB

u2022 Supplying plant xxxx

u2022 Delivery type NL

u2022 Checking rule 01

ii) For document type NB:

u2022 Purchasing doc. type NB

u2022 Supplying plant xxxx

u2022 Delivery type NLCC

u2022 Checking rule 01

Save it

c) Click on Purchasing Document Type

Assign Document types for pairs of Shipping and Receiving Plants

i) UB for intra company STO - when both plants have the same company codes

Then i defined supplying plant as vendor and maintained its excise details in J1iD and also the material which is transported i am maintaining assessable value against this material in J1iD

Need your valuable inputs