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Jul 23, 2008 at 11:33 AM

Nodes with Only One Lower-Level Node = Hide


Hi everyone

Have anyone present this situation:

Iu2019ve a quey to report inventory aging. It has two hierarchies to show data. In Rows I have Major Markets and in Columns a date hierarchy to show aging Ex: from 0 to 8 months, 9+ and 13+. Of course here I have also value and volume.

Query reports all values for all major markets fine. When I filter one major market, letu2019s say France also brings detailed figures but when I add any drill down in rows all values goes to cero (0).

Te estrange is that if you swap drill down order with major markets or drill down by columns with the same characteristic figures come out again as usual.

I know this sounds like a SAP note but I have not been able to find it either.

Thanks a lot for your help, and of course points will be assignedu2026..

Ps. Important, this happen when option u201CNodes with Only One Lower-Level Node = Hideu201D (this is selected on purpose because there are some repeated nodes in major market hierarchy Ex. France u2013 France and if there is just one value under first node then means that only display of last one is necessary to avoid repeated values).